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Dr. Ken Sharlin and Dr. Ronald Girard - The Healthy Brain Toolbox

Very excited to have Michelle Ackerman with us an amazing Wahls Warrior! She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach and the Founder of Healing Foods. Michelle studied at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts with a concentration on holistic nutrition.

Darryl Edwards, is a Movement Coach, Natural Lifestyle Educator, nutritionist and creator of the Primal Play Method™. Darryl developed the Primal Play methodology to inspire others to make activity fun while getting healthier, fitter and stronger in the process.

Tony Ferro,, will share his insights as a Wahls Warrior

Dr. David Waldman and Dr. Ronald Girard - The Healthy Detour

My plans never included living life with Multiple Sclerosis. I could never in a million lifetimes have envisioned the challenges that lied ahead. Along with the numerous challenges were many blessings. I learned many lifestyle and dietary tools that would help get me back on the road to health and healing. It surely would have been much easier to travel a straight line in my health and life but the knowledge that I continue to acquire on my detour has been a blessing that I’m fortunate to share with others. If you feel stuck and alone on your health journey, consider allowing me to guide you on a healthy detour towards the road to recovery. To your health & happiness

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